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TK’s Elephants

TK’s Elephants

22nd Jun 2016

The elephant often represents a symbol of size, strength, power and long life expectancy.
Advertising also depicts this exotic and majestic animal as serene, intelligent and resilient.
TK Hockey is the original company to adopt the elephant as its mascot, the catchy logo has always been popular with children which compliments TK’s brand attributes. Ultimately, TK is the only hockey company that provides all the equipment for accessories fanatics, such as balls, gloves, protectors, goalkeeping equipment and textiles.

TK’s products pay tribute to the characteristics of the elephant, standing for quality and durability. Long seen as reliable and trustworthy, this iconic animal is also endangered. Threatened by us, human beings due to the surviving ivory trade and diminishing habitat. In order to help make a difference and prevent poaching, to work towards halting the decline of the elephant population, TK actively supports WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) in the creation of habitat and promoting the positive relationship between people and animals.

To find out more about WWF, what they do and how you can help, visit here: WWF

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